SQF Genetic Algorithm

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Oh yeah, it is time. So I have been looking into machine learning and decided I should dive head first into genetic algorithms. The concept was easy enough for me to wrap my head around. As a prefix, this SQF code was based on a python¬†script written by¬† Joeseph Misiti. The source code for that […]

Overriding the Official Server List in ArmA 3

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There is a little-used feature in the ArmA 3 Multiplayer Server list that shows all of their “Official” servers. Currently, there are ~100 players on the official servers. These host games from Endgame to Zues. Stokes figured out how to override this list with the official servers for our mods. It involves a hack-ish way […]

extDB2 Exploit And Why You Should Use SQL_CUSTOM_V2

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If you run a Life Server you probably use extDB2. It is a wonderfully optimized and amazingly useful plugin used for Database connectivity. The problem with many life servers is they use SQL_RAW (mode 2), which take a string from SQF and executes it in the mySQL database. This inherently opens a security vulnerability on […]

Hardware Packet Monitor – Raspberry PI

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So I have been working on a new project with my Raspberry Pi 3. I was looking for situations where something running on my current PC would block an application like Wireshark, and how to work around this protection. My solution was a direct bridge through my Raspberry Pi along my ethernet cable. First things […]

ArmA 3 UI Execution Exploit – In Detail

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EDIT: The latest patch (0.66) has fixed these issues. This post should now be used to learn how to better prevent these forms of exploits from appearing in your missions and mods. Now that BI has fixed the issue in its latest Dev Patch I wanted to go over, in detail, how this method works, […]

ArmA 3 Taxi System

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So this guy I am subscribed to on youtube created a video showing off his taxi system. It worked pretty well and I was impressed. Here is the video. Anyway, he moves on to state this: Being me, I laughed. This guy is trying to sell his taxi system script. 1) This is not allowed […]

Blocking Scripted Remote Execution

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Recently, there have been a lot of server file leaks. The way cheaters obtain server files has always been the same. Remote Execute some code up to the server that retrieves data and returns it back to the cheater’s client. Upon receiving data the cheater writes it to their log file or profilenamespace or something […]

Server password bruteforcing

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I spent the last two days working on a method for stealing server admin passwords. I figured if I used the altis life database injection that I talked about in my previous post I could inject a server and have the bruteforce run for weeks on end until it finds the admin password. The first […]

What do cheaters use on ArmA 3 servers?

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This post comes after I asked /r/ArmADev for suggestions and subsequently got down voted to hell for what, in my opinion, is a fair dislike towards me in the community. I will be responding to the suggestion posted by /u/otherworldlyBuffoon Here is the post. So what kind of attacks do cheaters use on arma 3 […]