Executing SQF Without Allocating Memory

By restoring our game state, we made it so there are no artifacts from executing our SQF. This makes it extremely difficult for sqf based anticheats to detect. I think that detecting something like this really just isn’t feasible, but it’d be possible to try and synchronize some variables between onEachFrame and MissionEventHandler “EachFrame” to see if they fall out of sync (and thus detect that onEachFrame missed a frame or two of execution).

In reality, I think the best way to detect something like this is by detecting the SQF cheat being executed. You can’t rely on BattlEye Filters because the cheater who is using this execution method probably disabled those anyway.

Anyway, I thought this was a neat trick as most people just allocate space for these things or use gamestate::execute. I am excited to showcase some more things in the future like ways to bypass SQF no-recoil detection.

Here is a video I did on the topic. This provides a much more visual way of comprehending what I just wrote.

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