Executing SQF Without Allocating Memory

Categories: ArmA 3, C++, DMA

So recently I purchased a Screamer PCIe from LambdaConcept. Personally, I would not recommend buying one of these as two of the three cards I purchased were dead on arrival. However, thanks to the one device that did work, I have been given an opportunity to once again approach attacking the Arma 3 engine from […]

CallExtension in DayZ

Categories: C++, DayZ SA

One of my least favorite changes between Arma 3 modding and DayZ modding is that the developers of DayZ insist that the game only be modded in the way that they deem correct. One example of this is the removal, and refusal to re-implement, the callExtension functionality that is so widely used in Arma 3. […]