Executing SQF Without Allocating Memory

Categories: ArmA 3, C++, DMA

So recently I purchased a Screamer PCIe from LambdaConcept. Personally, I would not recommend buying one of these as two of the three cards I purchased were dead on arrival. However, thanks to the one device that did work, I have been given an opportunity to once again approach attacking the Arma 3 engine from […]

Advanced script variable hiding.

Categories: ArmA 2, ArmA 3

I needed to find a new way to hide global variables from being accessed (Or even found for that matter) from threads that are not created by me. This is useful for Anticheats as it allows them to access and modify values from multiple threads without subjecting those values to being accessed from any malicious […]

Manipulating vehicle locality

Categories: ArmA 3

A while ago I was working on a system that would allow me to manipulate remote objects as if they were local to me.  In other words, I wanted to use commands like “setDamage” or “setVelocity” on objects that were created by the server. I found that vehicles were the easiest to manipulate the locality […]

Draw3D Interactive Menu

Categories: ArmA 3

A few months ago I was looking into making a user interface with the draw3d mission event handler. I was looking into using keybinds to interact with the menu and found that they were, more often than not, not so user friendly. Instead I opted for a way to interact with the menu by looking […]