Blocking Scripted Remote Execution

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Recently, there have been a lot of server file leaks. The way cheaters obtain server files has always been the same. Remote Execute some code up to the server that retrieves data and returns it back to the cheater’s client. Upon receiving data the cheater writes it to their log file or profilenamespace or something […]

What do cheaters use on ArmA 3 servers?

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This post comes after I asked /r/ArmADev for suggestions and subsequently got down voted to hell for what, in my opinion, is a fair dislike towards me in the community. I will be responding to the suggestion posted by /u/otherworldlyBuffoon Here is the post. So what kind of attacks do cheaters use on arma 3 […]

How to detect hint menus

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The worst nightmare for any anticheat developer is coming across a cheat that is nearly impossible to detect. Hint menus are one such cheat. There is no way to disable the “hint” command and no way to detect what is being displayed in the current hint. So how would an anticheat go about stopping people […]

How do Anticheats work?

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A lot of people don’t understand how scripted anticheats like Infistar AntiHack work. The idea behind scripted anticheats is simple and effective. They rely on three key features. Randomizing variables Using local variables effectively Sending code to clients in a randomized heartbeat fashion Randomizing Variables Any variables that can be accessed between threads can be […]

Securing publicVariableEventHandlers

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A big issue with most game modes in ArmA 3 is how they handle network messages. Most servers I have come across do nothing to protect publicVariableEventHandlers and remoteExec calls. Now before I get started I will mention that there are many different ways to secure network messages and I will only be showing one. […]